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Authorized Door-to-Door Fundraising Personnel

   Russ Morrow Joe Wilson    

                      Russ Morrow         Joe Wilson       Devin England    Jake Ferguson                       


Butch Mitchell  270-793-9871



To all the people in the Bowling Green Warren County Rescue Department Coverage Area:

We the volunteers would like to say “Thanks” for all of your past support.
We always need your help and especially right now. We are having a drive to raise funds to maintain and upgrade our equipment.

We are asking $30 support from each household. For your donation we are offering a complimentary 10X13 family portrait. You will be notified of the time and dates to be photographed.

Remember it’s your Rescue Department. We just save lives and maintain the equipment. It’s people such as you that make this lifesaving service possible.

A receipt will be given to you, or you can make your check payable to “Warren County Rescue”.

Thanking you in advance for your support!

Chief:   Andy Tucker       
 Chairman of the Board:   Deborah Williams   
  Vice-Chairman:     Vince Willingham
Help us now so we can help you in your time of need!